We are confident that you will love your Server4net dedicated server

Dedicated ServersServer4net dedicated servers are connected to our world class network and hosted in our state of the art data centers. Servers are provisioned quickly and there are no setup fees. If you require assistance after your dedicated server is provisioned we offer 24x7x365 in-house technical support at no additional charge.

Get Started now, Prices start at $79/month!

Dedicated Server Hosting is ideal for businesses or advanced users who run high traffic websites, CPU-intensive applications, or complex databases.

Basic Managed Intel Xeon Servers

CPU Storage RAM IPs Bandwidth Monthly  Kansas City
Dual Intel Xeon 5420
2.5Ghz – (8 Cores / 8 Threads)
1x500GB 8GBDDR2 5 10TB/1GBPS $79 Buy Now
Intel Xeon E3-1230v2
3.3Ghz / 3.7Ghz Turbo
1x250GB 8GBDDR3 5 10TB/1GBPS $94 Buy Now
Dual Intel Xeon 5639
2.13hz – 2 Processors
1 x 2TB 24GB DDR3 5 10TB/1GBPS $119 Buy Now


s4logo-bigServer4net has been offering dedicated servers since 2003. Since that time we have learned that although enterprise grade hardware costs more, the benefits in terms of reliability and performance create a premier experience for our customers. Through our relationships with our partners we are able to provide our customers with enterprise dedicated hosting solutions with value that other hosting providers simply cannot match.

We realize that different businesses have different requirements, which is why we offer a complete range of server configurations. In addition, if you find that none of our offerings match your requirements we are happy to customize any of our servers to meet your needs. We can do simple things like CPU, RAM, and Disk upgrades all the way to complex PCI-Express storage, GPU, and networking configurations.