Dedicated Servers

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Dedicated ServersServer4net dedicated servers are connected to our world class network and hosted in our state of the art data centers. Servers are provisioned quickly and there are no setup fees. If you require assistance after your dedicated server is provisioned we offer 24x7x365 in-house technical support at no additional charge.

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Dedicated Server Hosting is ideal for businesses or advanced users who run high traffic websites, CPU-intensive applications, or complex databases.


Coloinseattle Tukwila datacenterWe operates two state-of-the-art datacenters  in Columbus, OH. These two datacenters, which are split into 5 physical rooms host thousands of managed hosting, dedicated server, and virtual private server customers from more than 130 countries. Our track record of reliability and constant investment in our infrastructure is one reason why Server4net has been a leader in dedicated hosting since 2003.

All systems are monitored 24x7x365 by Server4net

In addition to our Columbus, OH facilities we also operate four additional North American network points of presence in Chicago, Cincinnati, New York City, and Washington, DC. These additional POPs allow us to connect directly to some of the largest and most sought after networks in the world and are also used for disaster recovery operations.

Coloinseattle Tukwila datacenter

Coloinseattle Tukwila datacenter is located in 12201 Tukwila International Blvd, inside the Sabey Technology Campus Facility which is the largest Private Internet Wholesale Datacenter provider in North America to date. Being located in this technology campus, we are sharing the benefits of having Robust power availability and high numbers of fiber interconnectivities that are shared with our datacenter neighbors. We are on the same campus as companies such as: Microsoft, Oracle, Providence Hospital, Chase Manhattan, University of Washington, King county and the Department of Homeland Security.

Our datacenter building is located near Seattle/Tacoma International Airport and outside of Seattle fault zone and liquefaction area. Our building is located on top of a hill, far above highway 99 and poses little or no risk of flooding. The building is also a Tier3+ building and rated to Seismic Zone 3 specifications. Our first phase of the datacenter buildout involves approximately 8,000 squarefeet of space and 1+ Megawatt of power from Seattle City Light. Our plan is to provide up to 250+ tons of cooling in our facility with the option of having In-row coolings for High Density Rack configuration. We have also deployed multiple high efficient UPS infrastructure that provide customers with diverse power interconnect from different UPS systems.

Coloseattle is a carrier neutral facility and customers are welcome to work directly with their preferred upstream providers for direct transit and transport interconnects. Coloinseattle Meet-Me-Room (MMR) facility inside our datacenter allows for easy interconnect with multiple Tier-1 Internet providers. We also have the ability to provide 1Gbps or 10Gbps transport between our datacenter and the Seattle Westin Building MMR, allowing our clients to directly peer with the wide array of Internet providers and large corporations who already have presence in one of the largest MMR facility on the West Coast of the United States. For customers who don’t already have relationship with bandwidth providers, Coloinseattle works with Wowrack (AS Number: 23033) to take advantage of their diverse network connectivities that comprise of multiple 10Gigabit and multiple gigabit transit interconnects.

Coloinseattle is offering wide arrays of rack configurations to our tenants, starting with 1/4 cabinet, full 42U cabinets, to private cages.

s4logo-bigServer4net has been offering dedicated servers since 2003. Since that time we have learned that although enterprise grade hardware costs more, the benefits in terms of reliability and performance create a premier experience for our customers. Through our relationships with our partners we are able to provide our customers with enterprise dedicated hosting solutions with value that other hosting providers simply cannot match.

We realize that different businesses have different requirements, which is why we offer a complete range of server configurations. In addition, if you find that none of our offerings match your requirements we are happy to customize any of our servers to meet your needs. We can do simple things like CPU, RAM, and Disk upgrades all the way to complex PCI-Express storage, GPU, and networking configurations.